You got questions… we have answers… To help your day go as smoothly as possible, we’ve listed some common questions that you may have. Read them over, and if you still have a specific concern we are just a phone call or email away...


We wouldn’t say that it is necessary as we are known for our stunning bridal styles without having a trial before hand, however we will say that we have never had a bride who regretted doing a trial before her wedding day. If there are ANY concerns about a particular style,(the longevity, comfort level, how it looks on you), Also Event day Specific details that Brides might want to share with us. we highly recommend a trial. This way we can spend the time figuring out your perfect unique style (which might end up not being the initial style you had in mind) without stressing about it on your actual wedding day. That said, we do not think that a trial is a necessary for every bride, just depends on your particular needs. There is nothing like having a completely stress-free wedding day and having a trial and can sometimes alleviate some of those unknown factors which contribute to stress.

You can book an appointment with our team by filling out the inquiry form on our contact page. Please provide your wedding date, getting ready location and time you would like to be ready by. From there we can set up our appointment time and send over the appropriate documents to secure your appointment.

We are always happy to accommodate add-ons on day of if time permits. All we ask is that the women who are contracted and scheduled be serviced first. Changes to contracted services can be made up to a 4 weeks before the event day prior. Cancellations within one month will still be subjected to a 50% cancellation charge. Cancellations within one week will be charged in full.

All of our stylists are highly qualified. You can also request Stephanie for a master stylist. We will try our best to match your style appropriate stylist — it also depends on who is available on the day.


LADYGLAM is on-location style team which means that we travel to you! The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is to fight traffic, get lost driving around New York and feel rushed and stressed. That is why we take all the anxiety out of your day by showing up on location with all the tools and product so that you can relax and enjoy a day of pampering

Travel fee will be determined prior to booking by charged. There may also be additional early morning fees.

Upon signing the contract you will be asked to pay a small deposit to secure your date. The remainder is due 30 days before the event date. We accept check, cash, or credit card. Please note there is a New York tax of 4.5% and using a credit card will add another 3% service charge.


We are cosmetic junkies, addicts, hoarders, we are obsessed with all things beauty. This means that our kits are overflowing with products from every cosmetic line. We have what you would call ‘hero’ products which could mean a highlighter pen from Yves St. Laurent, or a certain pigment from MAC. What we can say is that all of our products are high-end, tried and true, and are used for the very specific purpose of creating a long-lasting beauty. Since we do have significant training and experience by SONIA RYKIEL cosmetics, we do carry products and love their lipsticks. Other favorite brands we use are DIOR MAC, NARS, Fenty, Charlotte Tilbury, Temptu, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Bite, Laura Mercier, Becca, YSL, Benefit, Hourglass, Makeup Forever, Too-Faced, Tarte, and Ma c Jacobs to name a few.

We offer airbrush makeup in the Summer time to all of our clients and cannot say enough about it. New York weather is very humid and often hot which means conventional makeup can easily melt off. We find airbrush makeup to be very effective for long-lasting, sweat-proof, transfer resistant, semi-matte finish. It is also effective in covering pigmentation and scarring with medium to full coverage without a heavy application. Most Air brush makeup is silicone- based. Some brides have had bad experience with airbrush in the past and are turned off thinking they will have a thick face of makeup made for TV Reporters. This is simply not the case in how we apply our product. In fact, most brides agree that airbrush makeup is actually less thick than what they wear on a daily basis and are pleasantly surprised with its durability and natural skin-like appearance. Airbrush makeup is a great choice for most New York summer weather and we highly recommend it for the best results

We do a beautiful individual lash application which looks absolutely seamless and gives the effect of full, luscious lashes. It makes a big difference in pictures too, but even up close they are stunning and very real. These are temporary lashes and use the same glue as a strip lash, which means they will come off when you wash your face (although we have had brides who have been careful and worn them more than one day). These are not Lash Extensions which use a permanent glue and last 2-3 weeks. Most brides in our gallery are rocking our individual lash application and it allows us to customize a lash that is perfect for your eye shape and style needs.

First of first Water. Sleep. Clean living! Try a week of green smoothies (Kale, Cucumber, Apple, Ginger, Parsley) and drinking a cup of hot lemon water with honey and cayenne before bed. You will see the difference! Of course there is always the magic of BB cream, Facial massage, pearlized highlighter and a gifted makeup artist to give you flawless results. We are known for giving our brides that ‘bridal glow’, so even if you had too much champagne the night before, we will make sure you look fresh and radiant walking down that aisle!

We offer Electric 3D roller treatment before Makeup session. What is does is tone your face muscle. The results are higher cheeks boons, lifted eyebrows and more sculpted face. No downtime and no pain. Great for before wedding makeup, events and an instant lift. It is included with our ultimate bridal experience package or you can simply add to your boked services.


Please always have hair completely clean and completely dry. Whoever started the myth that slightly dirty hair is better for styling should be fined. It is simply not the case. Clean, dry hair is always best bet. If you think you need an additional blow out before styling to smooth the hair shaft, this can be arranged.

We would love to give you the complete services if the time allow to. But many times in our experiences haircut was impossible. We would highly refer you to a Salon in New York city to go before your wedding day to rock your Hair color and cut services.

For frizzy or curly hair types, we recommend a blow out prior to styling. This will help smooth and seal the cuticle for a long lasting style. Please let our team know if you will be needing this service prior to styling. For African American hair, we may recommend a silk press or press and curl prior to styling. Although we don't provide either of these services, we can definitely refer you to a salon in New York City.

There are a lot of factors that go in to deciding which hair style is best for you. Dress design, length of hair, and over all aesthetic all come into play. We are happy to discuss these particulars with you to come up with a style that is uniquely you. One thing to keep in mind is that New York can be Very hot and humidor extremely cold during certain times of the year Hair up will ensure that it is off your neck and will remain in the style we decide. Hair down is very romantic and loose curls are very on-trend right now although it will be more subjected to the elements.

It depends entirely on the style you want! A lot of times we can achieve an impressive updo without the extra hair and sometimes the extra hair is paramount in creating a particular look. It just depends on the amount of hair you have and what effect you are going for. Clip in extensions are another option and can be bought online or at some salons. We recommend getting them cut and colored to match your hair color before the wedding day.